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Faux Shi Shi and Easy

Hope your summer is sl o w ly going by.
I’m still in the fast-track statistics class that not only
teaches me lovely bits of standard deviations
and critical values, but it also teaches me the likelihood
of not having any dessert
left over when n= 12 short cakes
and k= fruit topping.

Here’s a faux shi shi, cheap and easy, no- bake, one bowl dessert that will wow….well, I don’t know if it will wow them…but it’s easy and that’s what matters.


Add lemon juice and sugar, to a tub of PRE-WHIPPED cream cheese.  Mix well and then add a bit of vanilla.


Add a couple of dollops of the mixture to a dozen sponge cake cups.


Decorate the tops with bits of strawberry, kiwi, apricot, and plum- or whatever you like. You can stop here or continue on with a quick glaze.


Heat a few tablespoons of apricot preserves with a little lemon juice to cut the sweetness.  Let it cool a bit and then slather over your fruit.  This will not only add tartness, but will help to keep the fruit from drying out while it waits in the fridge. enjoy!





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