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There are a few little things in my life that really chap my …. that really bug me,

but not enough to actually DO anything about them.

This shirt tag for example. Drives me crazy…too lazy to cut it out. I’ve worn it for 3 years.


This crack in my bathroom tile. Not about to bust out my Dremel and pop in a new one. As if. Sorry to disappoint all the Virgos in my life.


Here’s my attic door. It won’t close properly.  I blame the DSL guy.  He busted the pull down ladder as well. No biggie, we have another attic.


What’re ya gonna do? 

BUT….here’s one thing that I actually did something about! 


 There’s a certain fancy schmancy store that I like to pop into on my way to (not buy anything at) Anthropologie.  I get a little sample of lavender hand cream from the Tester tube at said fancy store and try not to make eye contact with the sales ladies. If there’s a legal limit to how many free samples one can take, there’s definitely a warrant out for my arrest.  I just never buy anything because I can’t pronounce the name of the store!  There.  I said it!

 I don’t know how to pronounce L’Occitane.

Are you laughing?

Like, what if someone comes over and uses it and then asks me where I bought it?  Then I’d have to say that my girlfriend brought it to me from France which would be a big fat lie.  Or I’d panic and say “I found it”, which would be totally gross and then I’d have to back pedal, so I just avoid the whole situation all together.  

Admit it – You’re not sure either – Well here ya go! I looked it up –  You can thank me later 😉 






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