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I wish I had a picture of…

I love photos of the everyday things that really aren’t photo worthy. But back in the day, we didn’t waste 35mm film or money developing pictures of the perfect sandwich,  a flat tire to prove why you were late, or freshly painted toenails.  So in the days of digital photography where we can delete to our heart’s desire we take an abundance of ordinary pix and spend more time deleting the bad ones than composing a good one, wouldn’t you say? 

I wish I could get in the habit of capturing the very ordinary.

While in Cali I took the standard pictures, but now wish I had captured in a photo…  

  •  the melted Ghirardelli chocolate smeared all over the rent car.  I was so upset! Not about the car, about the delicious chocolate!  I might’ve licked the dashboard, not sure.
  • the duffel bag filled with 15 inch pinecones I borrowed from somewhere near Yosemite National Park that ended up costing us $45 to get home.  $20 for the carry on duffel bag from Walmart (can’t let them get flattened in the belly of a plane!), which meant checking a regular suitcase which meant $25 to RipOff Airline.
  •  the mean Chinese lady in Chinatown at the souvenir  t-shirt shop when I asked if she had a design in a different color. “NO!  NO GREY!”, and literally snubbed her nose as she walked off.  So hilarious. She was about 5 feet tall and apparently not into grey. I think she might’ve been Ms. Swan from Mad TV.
  •  the DOZENS of Homeland Security vehicles parked outside our hotel in San Francisco.  They were having a convention; we thought a bomb was about to ruin our trip…to say the least.  At check-in, we were very relieved to see all of them chillin’ in the lobby. Whew!
  •  the hubber’s face when he spotted bears!  He had JUST SAID that the trip would be complete if he could just see one bear.  AND WE DID!  Two of them and only 60 feet away, yay!

 Here’s what I did manage to get photos of…

The gate to Chinatown, SF


We had a lovely evening out on Pier 39.  The temperature dropped, and we were freezing when the sun went down. It was so yummy having been in Texas just hours before.





Get some butter!



View of Bay Bridge from hotel

We also hit Ghirardelli Square, The Ferry Market Building, Lombard St., Golden Gate, and the beach.  San Francisco is quite beautiful and filled with beautiful people.  I heard it’s against city code to put toys in Happy meals (yay!!).  There are no plastic grocery bags in SF, and the vending machines on city property don’t sell sugary sodas. Let’s move there!  



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Bucket list item #39….CHECK!! What a beautiful place. Giant Sequoias, cedars, granite peaks, snow, and my hubbers all in one place….we’re spoiled brats.

This is Mirror Lake….the very same one in Albert Bierstadt’s oil painting that helped convince Congress the area should be protected.  And we were there!!! Good job Alby!


View of Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California


'California Tree'


Yosemite Falls

Staggering views from every angle. Every bend in the road gives an entirely new perspective of the granduer of this place.

What places are on your Bucket list?  I may have to add them to mine.  Belize?  Trader Joe’s in LH?  Washington D.C. on the night of July 4th in a helicopter?

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