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Did you know about this? Why didn’t you tell me?

I hate reading….and I love reading.

I’m kind of an all or nothing girl, and when I get started I can’t stop, and the next thing you know it’s 4 a.m. and I haven’t brushed my teeth in days.

Do you know what I mean?

Now that school is out for the summer (except for my summer term statistics class), all I want to do is catch up on some reading, but I have to admit things could start to fall apart around here.

Through the magical and mysterious interweb, I have found a way to read and keep up with my chores simultaneously!

I can pull weeds, empty the dishwasher, do my hair and makeup, drive to class, and grocery shop while I listen to audio books on my iPhone!  But lately, my favorite thing to do is to curl up in my bed with the lights out, rest my eyes (don’t forget about my statistics homework), and let the narrator read me a bedtime story.

Forget books on tape and only being able to hear the book in the car! This is so much better!  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  Did you know about this?  Why didn’t you tell me?!

Here are the hard copies from my summer reading lists (of the past) that I pulled from the nooks and crannies of my house…013

So far, I’ve already listened to The Tiger’s Wife and The Good Earth….in like, five days!  My library loans them out for about 3 weeks through the app, Overdrive Media.

The Good Earth was a re-read.  Buck’s delicious descriptions came to mind many times in my Chinese art history class… “But with the coming of spring talk began to surge up out of their hearts and to make itself heard on their lips”  makes me want to slip into a misty Wang Hui ink and color on silk and take a stroll along the river’s edge with O-lan.

The Road because McCarthy is just so great….and yes, I even liked Child of God- from an academic point of view. I’ve started The Road a few times, but I’m determined to get this one done.

The Tiger’s Wife because of the mixed reviews and awards.  I had to make up my mind for myself (3 out of 5 stars btw).

And last but not least, Life of Pi.  While at the theater waiting to see The Best Marigold Hotel with my mom, I saw a trailer for ‘Life of Pi’ that is supposed to be in theatres around Thanksgiving. I’d put the trailer here for you, but it has been pulled off of YouTube and I can only find cheesy, home made trailers.

The preview that I saw was so….magical…that I started a new movie/book club!  The goal is to actually read the book before we see the movie.  ‘The Official Don’t Judge a Book by its Movie’ club members are Jen, Bridgette, and me .  Wanna join?  If so, let me know because we have a secret knock and password. Winking smile

What’s on your Summer Reading List?  Fiction, biographies, cookbooks, magazines, travel brochures…the backs of your eyelids? I hear ya.

smallrooms:</p> <p>❥❥<br />

Here’s to lazy summer afternoons with a good (mp3) book.



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Have you ever won anything?  My Mom won a Red Oak tree though a radio contest in the ‘70’s, my brother won $500 in a scratch off game through the Texas Lottery, but I don’t think I’ve ever won a single thing. I’m not talking about how you studied for months and took first place in the Spelling Bee, or trained all your life to win a triathlon.  I’m talking about when Lady Luck calls your name out of the clear blue sky.

Lady Luck and a fellow blogger, granted me the

Versatile Blogger Award!

Read what she said about whydicomeinhere and check out the other blogs while you’re there.

I looked up the origins of the Versatile Blogger Award and it doesn’t come from a panel of judges or experts.  It comes from fellow bloggers that just enjoy your blog.  For me, it came from LaMonique, and I’m very grateful and humbled.  Her blog is uplifting and always makes for a thoughtful read, thank you ‘Sweetie Pie’!

Now, that being said, let’s not forget that an award is still an award, and so I’d first like to thank my husband and kids….



Without your weirdness, I could never write from the perspective that I do.

And to my staff,



it is your constant encouragement that keeps me going.

I also think that many of my life experiences have enriched my perspective.  From our exotic outings…


spring and summer 060

to the fine cuisine we’ve have had the pleasure of enjoying,


Toad in a Hole cooked on a can stove for Cub Scouts


to all of life’s most beautiful moments.


t.p.'d bed bunks at SkyRanch Science Camp...revenge!


These have all made me the perfectly mediocre blogger that I am! Thank you.

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger award I must now forward it on to seven other bloggers that I feel deserve a little recognition, and then tell you seven little facts about me.

BLOGROLL of Versatile Blogger Recipients!!!!!

They are all fun, creative, and insightful. Take a moment to click and bookmark….








See!? Aren’t they great? Better than magazines, cookbooks, sitcoms, or Bravo tv.

Now for seven facts about me….

1.  I have to eat Funyuns on road trips, yet I’m  a food Nazi.

2. I love bunnies, rabbits, and hares….a little too much.

3. I would be an excellent race car driver if given half a chance…and a really fast car. 

4. I love scaring people. My whole family is shell shocked.

5. Wind makes me mad. I can’t help it. (same with The Hubbers)

6. I want a scissor lift to see the sunsets better.

7. I cry ever time I sit in any church for any reason. I’m like a faucet people.

Well that was fun!  Have a great week!


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There are a few little things in my life that really chap my …. that really bug me,

but not enough to actually DO anything about them.

This shirt tag for example. Drives me crazy…too lazy to cut it out. I’ve worn it for 3 years.


This crack in my bathroom tile. Not about to bust out my Dremel and pop in a new one. As if. Sorry to disappoint all the Virgos in my life.


Here’s my attic door. It won’t close properly.  I blame the DSL guy.  He busted the pull down ladder as well. No biggie, we have another attic.


What’re ya gonna do? 

BUT….here’s one thing that I actually did something about! 


 There’s a certain fancy schmancy store that I like to pop into on my way to (not buy anything at) Anthropologie.  I get a little sample of lavender hand cream from the Tester tube at said fancy store and try not to make eye contact with the sales ladies. If there’s a legal limit to how many free samples one can take, there’s definitely a warrant out for my arrest.  I just never buy anything because I can’t pronounce the name of the store!  There.  I said it!

 I don’t know how to pronounce L’Occitane.

Are you laughing?

Like, what if someone comes over and uses it and then asks me where I bought it?  Then I’d have to say that my girlfriend brought it to me from France which would be a big fat lie.  Or I’d panic and say “I found it”, which would be totally gross and then I’d have to back pedal, so I just avoid the whole situation all together.  

Admit it – You’re not sure either – Well here ya go! I looked it up –  You can thank me later 😉 





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Yellow Cows, Beer Commercial, Stars, my new bike!


Hey Y’all!  It’s been so long!  I’ve been writing papers and reading and reading and just trying to get to the end of this semester.

Thanksgiving weekend was a nice pause except that I was analyzing….

 Franz Marc’s “Yellow Cow” most of the time. Macr was a buddy of Kandinky’s, who most people are familiar with.  As simple as it looks, “Yellow Cow” represents Marc’s pantheistic views and how animals and matter are all a part of God, and that everything is connected. For him, yellow was “gentle, cheerful, and sensual”, the blue in the mountains is “spiritual and intellectual”.  The yellow cow floats over her landscape like a fat-n-happy bovine angel and is painted with a sweet smile on her face.  Franz Marc, an animal lover, died in WWII.  So I took those facts, cranked out 8 pages of yellow cow goodness, and got an “A” on that puppy!

On with my Thanksgiving pause..

Up next,

How to remove a dent from your car.

But first, when you’re warning your offspring about all of the parked cars across the street before he/she backs out of the driveway, don’t forget to mention the other family car that you thought was completely visible and obvious-and would go without saying….but instead might be …


 due to, I don’t know, low barometric pressure or an invisibility cloak that was left on the car overnight.

   Second, when you’re watching out the living room window to see how all that works out, DO NOT smack the glass as your teen uses one family car to hit the other family car, because as much as you won’t believe me, he/she cant’ hear it, or your screams.

Third, when you realize that you have two family cars wedged together, and you can’t decide between unwedging the cars or pulling your know-it-all teen out of the car by her/his nostrils….

send the husband out. 

 As most couples know, one spouse is the “little things” expert, while the other specializes in clear headed thinking during catastrophes and handling vomit.  Since this was not a catastrophe and there was no vomit, I remained in the house.  The hubbers unwedged the car and sent the teen on his/her way.

Here’s the non-castastrophic dent that had me banging on my window as it all seemed to happened in slow motion…


It popped right out.  The other car has some good scrapes along the front, but it could’ve been worse…I could be facing the cost of nostril reconstruction surgery.


Thanksgiving day was nice.

After a few too many years of missing the parade while cooking and the Hubbers not lifting a finger, it was high time for a re-train.

Let me back up…So last year after he asked how he could help, I was like, “make the salad”.  And he was all, “I don’t know how to do that!”.  And I said, “well it’s not hard to recreate your favorite salad, so just do your best”.

 He contemplated the ingredients in his favorite salad over at Daddy Jack’s, and we made a shopping list.  The morning of Thanksgiving he wanted to do it all by himself so I took a leisurely shower and the whole time I was doing my hair, he was running up and down the hall with salad questions…

“Which bowl!? How small should I cut the lettuce? Should I toss the shredded carrots in, or lay them on top?  Should I slice each strawberry like, 3 or 4 times? Will the cranberries sink to the bottom of the bowl if I toss them in now?  Should I sprinkle the feta on last?  Will you please make the dressing?”

This year was smoooth like butter, and for the first time in a long time I watched the Macy’s parade LIVE!…and didn’t lift a finger. And he also cooked his brother’s ‘Tofurky Feast’.  He mixed up the thyme and sage basting sauce and made the vegan gravy as well.

Bravo Hubbers! 

How many of you take pictures at Thanksgiving?  I don’t know what it is, but I can’t ever remember to do this.  What’s funny is that my mother in law’s table is situated in front of a window, and when the table is set it looks very similar to this…


minus the suit and tie. My in-laws actually resemble the grandparents in the painting so maybe next year I’ll get the family to pose and we can recreate it. The only difference will be the addition of at least eight more people.  We need a bigger table!

Here’s the one decent iphone photo I managed to get…

Darren is listening to Grand-dad, Elizabeth is wondering if I’m taking her picture, Scott is trying to find football scores on his phone, but he’s forgotten that it’s not Sunday so he’ll be busy a while, and Dickey is finishing pie.

On Friday, Hubbers “put up Christmas”.  But take a look at what he was actually doing…



That’s him on the right toasting in the holiday season with Nick from across the street.

When these two get together, nothing gets done.

They talk and talk.  Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars.

But that day was unusual. As a person that leans towards the creative side, something was noticeably different. When I came outside to see just how much wasn’t getting done, I could sense a change in the air….something new and spectacular…something perfectly lovely…I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and stood there a minute looking like I was having a mini-stroke 

Until I realized….

The label on their CHEER beer matched my house exactly! Look at the yellows.

Now, if you’re sitting there wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks is wrong with me, then just forget it. If, however, you flinched with even a tinge of excitement at the sight of the Cheer beer matching my Christmasy porch, then we are kin. You, like me, notice the backgrounds on movie sets and never know what’s happening in the movie  (ie, Something’s Gotta Give, Practical Magic, You’ve Got Mail).   You, like me, can see the potential in a run down rat shack of a house or rusty junk at flea markets. We make crafts out of trash and save ephemera lovliness….just in case.

We are Soul Sisters.

But just look at it sitting there-  I should call Shiner and tell them.  I could be in a beer commercial!


Here’s the finished product and a sampling of my fabulous photography skillz. Don’t hate.


We went to the Dallas Stars hockey game on Friday night! It was my very first hockey game.



It really is a show!  Fog, lights, girls, stars that lower from the ceiling…


Elizabeth got us seats RIGHT ON THE GLASS. And I didn’t have to worry about facing the cost of front teeth reconstruction surgery.  Yay E-  Thanks!


We went out on the balcony of the AA Center…

And just so you know, I was going for a cute Pinterest look like this….

Pinned Image


But it didn’t work out, and the white shirt that I was wearing underneath was too big, and so I looked pregnant.  Looking pregnant is awesome, unless you’re boppin’ around the AA Center with a beer your hand.  So I had to crop the pictures so none of y’all can use them against me when I run for president.

Found the “Awful Christmas Sweater Club” and just had to get in on the action. The flannel is working now, huh?!


I was seated right behind the head coach of the Canadian team and every time he was on tv, we were too!  My mother-in-law didn’t record it with her dvr, but did pause it and took a picture of us on her tv screen with her camera. How awesome is that!?  I haven’t seen the picture yet.

That’s the head coach…he had fancy socks on.

Saturday morning I ran to the grocery store to get the goods for Pumpkin Pie Smoothies.  Pumpkin is high vitamin A and beta-carotene, and pregnant ladies who drink beer should increase their vitamins.  Anyway, I had to deal with this….

Now, I’m not a

But I HATE the way my grocery store crams 200 Scotch Pine trees in the doorway and all of us have to squeeze through and the pine needles get all over our groceries, clothes, and shoes and then they get all in my car.

I may sneak up there one night and rearrange them into organized rows, make a wide path and line it with their poinsettias, decorate with white lights and red ribbon and leave a note…Merry Christmas from the Decorating Fairy, May your storefront not look crappy, nor your customers get pissed.

But here’s how I got right back in the holiday spirit…

By making Christmas cards with family!

My sister-in-law has an amazing collection of very awesome scrap booking goodies. And fortunately, she likes to share! I cannot even tell you just how much stuff there really is…cabinets and cabinets of gear and goodies.  She makes beautiful pages and my other sister-in-law and nieces do as well. 

 I am the odd man out -the black sheep.  I do photo album pages that have bits of real scraps….fortune cookie fortunes, ticket stubs etc.  But these ladies take it to a whole new level!

Here’s my daughter and her “Merry Christmoose” card…

I was so overwhelmed by the selection of stuff, that I fell back on my old magpie ways and started cutting hearts out of blue paper from the scraps that I brought along…


An angel made from wrappers of the Almond Rocas that were on the table that afternoon…




A card that got out of control and ended up ArT JoUrNal ish..


.It was a fun afternoon and she promised to host it next year.

Saturday evening, I put “Yellow Cow” aside for a while and vegged out on Pinterest.  Got inspired and tried a fishtail braid…


Giggled at this…


Questioned humanity….


On the Tuesday after Turkey Day, the Hubbers and I went up to McKinney, Texas for lunch on the square and to check out a shop where I am considering selling some of my own goodies. 

I didn’t take a picture of it, but here’s another darling store front on the same square…


And where we had lunch….A store and restaurant in one…







The bathroom….

yes i took a dang picture.



.A week after Thanksgiving, Scarecrow and I made a run to the mall.  Every year I have to see the marshmallow Santa and pecan reindeer.  




And of course we had to make a stop at Anthroplogie and Free People…



.I have coveted this candelabra for a while now, and was shocked to be able to see it in person.  Isn’t it the coolest thing!?  It’s almost $700.  I carry a picture of it in my wallet. Just in case I win the lottery, I can call Anthropologie up right away and have it Fed Exed.




Look at this lovely sight… big fat sequins glued to a pink bike, tassels, lights, and pink vintage glass balls!!

Santa, I’ve been fairly good for like, 6 days in a row!  Love, Kelly


 Back to the books…gotta go finish my high fructose corn syrup research paper.




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