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Spring Fever

Ok. So I might’ve told a little, teeny, white lie… Saying that  “I’m Baaaaaak” may have been a bit much. But I’m just drowning in homework and I bit off more that I can chew with particular class load.

But I’m here now and have some yumminess to share!!!


We  popped over to The Crow Asian Art Collection and saw some BeaUUUUtiful art that I couldn’t take pictures of to share with you, except for a few outdoor pieces.


Where I would like to sit and do my homework…what am I saying?!  I mean SLEEP. This is where I’d like to take a nap or maybe be meditate and pray…after my nap.



ROAR!! Is that the Dwarf of Ignorance under his paw?


Did you know that is not a knot of hair on the Buddha’s head?  It is a cranial protrusion that signifies wisdom….but it’s still covered in hair. This example is before The Six Dynasties Period…you can tell by his open robe….the Indian influence….I learned that at school- 75 pages of lecture notes and that’s about all I retained.


I managed to pop into Paper Source on a Sunday before the crowds at the mall and spend my birthday gift certificate!  Thanks Frarefrow!


And found this bowl at Anthropologie. Isn’t it kind of SPECTACULAR!? 

In a delightful, shy, jade green. Used a g.c. for it as well.  Whoot!


These lovely people brought me some treasures from their flea market! They know me so well….


The oldest jar EVER with the loads of little treasures inside!


We chased sunsets while waiting for the salmon to bake.


And remember me telling you that my daughter was selling flowers to get to summer camp?  Well, her grandmother…..let’s just say, bought TONS of flowers.


My darling sage bloomed…probably jealous of the…


roses nearby.



But when I put them together….so sweet.


Celebrating Hubber’s new job (again) where the frozen margarita machine was invented. Sooo good, but soooo high in sugar.  Tequila and sugar= massive headache that same night.


Did you hear about all of the Tornadoes in Texas? They would NOT leave.  The big chunks of red would not budge.  Scaaaaarrry!  My daughter was on the golf course for her District Championship (which they won) swinging her clubs high in the electric air. As a mama, I was a little on edge that day.


Last but certainly not least….BUNNY BAIT!!

Pinterest got me again, and my girlfriend…the one that gave me the flea market treasures, made it first and swore it was awesome so we tried it and Tracy was right, so it’s official, Pinterest makes you fat.


Here’s how to make a HUGE batch….

4 bags of Tender White microwave popcorn

2 bags of Easter M&Ms

24 oz of white chocolate

about 3 cups broken pretzel pieces


Mini marshmallows (optional)

Break the recipe down into batches according to your largest bowl. I had to break it down into 4 batches

Add to your bowl: one bag of popped corn, 1/4 of the M&M’s, 1/4 of the pretzel pieces and then drizzle on 1/4 of the white chocolate that you melted in the microwave on medium and stirred every 30 seconds.  Fold and fold using a spatula to avoid breaking the popcorn up . Scrape the inside of the bowl as you go. Lay the batch out onto wax or parchment paper, sprinkle on 1/4 of your sprinkles and let cool and harden. Add some marshmallows.

DSCN2741 DSCN2742




This recipe made 18 of these gift bags!


This Easter is going to be sweeeet!  Get it? Winking smile

Have a Lovely Easter!

see you soon




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Win a Starbucks gc, My ship came in!, cascarones, and freaky fruit needs YOUR help

Happy Happy Hump Day…

A few things to cover today, first….

My ship came in!!! 

Look what came in the mail…



Pretty Cute huh?

Also, it’s time to start saving these….



if you want to make these….

Cascarones! ConFeTTi filled eggs.

So that you can do this….


(I don’t who these people are, but they look really happy….must be the Cascarones!)

Confetti eggs would be great for a gaggle of geeks, a corral of kids, or all your unsuspecting extended family members at the Easter Day picnic. (((( Only the ones that don’t read your blog that is  Winking smile ))))

You could also use birdseed or Fruity Pebbles cereal, and let the dog clean up the mess.

Next up-

My daughter found a freaky fruit specimen and we need your ideas for a caption before we post it to Pinterest. Preferably something funny or smarmy, and we’ll run it through roflbot.


Please leave a comment and if we choose yours, we’ll send you a

 Starbucks Gift Card





BTW- You’re reading my 100th post!!!


And this is my latest. Can you tell I’m an Ohl fan?

  Her eyes are NAVY!  





Don’t forget to comment with a caption about the “strawberry’ (don’t send emails and texts people!) for a chance at my extra Starbucks Gift Card that I won in a bet from someone who thinks I can’t do magic.


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a really pretty To Do list

Ok!  So as we all know I have (when I don’t have class work)  a massive addiction to Pinterest.  Last night I was up ’til 3 in the morning again following pins to their blog sources and then chasing images down rabbit holes and then I thought,

Hey Loser, go to bed. Tomorrow is another day and you can get a semi early start and actually DO some of the things you’ve pinned.

And with that I was, yet again, encourage to Log Out and rest. I put aside those lurking thoughts…

‘What if I miss something! What if I didn’t include the right short link, or put a Pin on the wrong Board!?’

But alas,

today ended up being a bunch of NON PINTEREST tasks, but I did manage to eek out a new type of TO DO list!

(which is actually just wasting more time not DOing the things I’ve pinned….just pasting to this post.


Anyhow….THIS WEEK’S TO DO LIST includes….

Making a batch of this!  Wouldn’t it pair nicely with an evening of pinning?   

Pinned Image

Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer - Orange juice, Sprite, Vodka, Maraschino Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice


Make just one journal page!  Here’s one from Pinterest…I have 600 more examples but will spare you. 🙂


Type one little letter on this very typewriter.  A heading, greeting, body, salutation, hand signature.  This seems almost like a lost art in today’s world, but shouldn’t we all keep our letter writing skills nice and sharp? Note: this lovely machine lost its Backspace and Delete button, so it could actually take a few hours (away from my Pinning).

Pinned Image


Organize something around here. Maybe I’ll do this with my linen closet. I think this is Martha’s idea. You put you flat and fitted sheets into the pillow case to keep them all together (she’s assuming I have matching sets).  I think this was one of my very first pins this summer….and yet my closets still look crappy.


Make this from

Found this last night when I was supposed to be sleeping. 

But look at the ingredients for the sauce!

vegetable broth,  peanut butter
 sriracha ( Rooster Sauce)
 honey,  soy sauce,  ginger and garlic

. Noodles and Company Indonesian Peanut Sauté

Celebrate one birthday!…

Pinned Image

Make another batch of these. Don’t you remember me telling you that Pinterest makes you fat?

Anyway,  I’ve made them before and they are way too easy….which is great when you have to hurry up and get back to pinning.

Pinned Image


Which will require at least two sessions of this…

Pinned Image

some yoga in the dirt out by my shed…. in my dress


So there you have it- My To Do List    photo journal style!

Are you Pinning yet?  DON’T!


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