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white bird

The stretch from post holidays to about Easter is the hardest and the longest.  This winter has been cold to me but unusually warm to everyone else, and I must admit that on my walks every other day, there have been more sing-alongs amongst the birds, busier squirrels, and more green patches along the way. But still the night comes too early and the spring renewal is far off….just out of reach.




The canvas is 1×3, with acrylics, pastels, collaged bits, charcoal pencil, and ink.




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beauty in the ordinary


the air is cooling,

the gardens are renewing!

with little time to art journal and

needing a quick fix of creativity…


we went to the market to find some color

& we found…

short fat ones,

creamy orange ones,

white smooth ones,

teeny tiny ones,

 green bumpy warty ones….












spectacular beauty in the colors, the textures, 

the brevity,

the lighting.


 “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.”





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Summer’s end

Summer is almost over.

Despite the heat it was beautiful….

The west coast, the Sierra Nevadas, the Bahamas

Sunrises, Sunsets

frogs, dragonflies, butterflies, birds

glassy water, crushed granite paths, cool grass,

picnic blankets, shy windchimes, frosty glasses of wine,

movie nights, slow mornings,

family & friends.


Although it’s time to put summer away and bring out autumn, here’s a collection of summer that I’ll keep around a while…


enormous pinecones from Cali, a Bahamian conch shell, stars, a perfect duck feather  


They’re all too big for my art journal so they sit around the house….


until they just can’t compete with pumpkins, skeletons, and spider webs.

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Summer sightings!

I spy with my little eye…

crazy daisies!

Scorching heat and Shastas all in the same day

Wilted roses. Like southern belles,

pretty as a picture no matter

the weather.

A burst of sunshine…

actually three shrubs of them.

snap! crackle! pop!


Blackfoot Daisies.

My feet get a little gross in summer too

It’s the lure of the cold cold grass in the morning.

 Show offs!

(Not bad for 102 degrees)


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