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Have you ever won anything?  My Mom won a Red Oak tree though a radio contest in the ‘70’s, my brother won $500 in a scratch off game through the Texas Lottery, but I don’t think I’ve ever won a single thing. I’m not talking about how you studied for months and took first place in the Spelling Bee, or trained all your life to win a triathlon.  I’m talking about when Lady Luck calls your name out of the clear blue sky.

Lady Luck and a fellow blogger, granted me the

Versatile Blogger Award!

Read what she said about whydicomeinhere and check out the other blogs while you’re there.

I looked up the origins of the Versatile Blogger Award and it doesn’t come from a panel of judges or experts.  It comes from fellow bloggers that just enjoy your blog.  For me, it came from LaMonique, and I’m very grateful and humbled.  Her blog is uplifting and always makes for a thoughtful read, thank you ‘Sweetie Pie’!

Now, that being said, let’s not forget that an award is still an award, and so I’d first like to thank my husband and kids….



Without your weirdness, I could never write from the perspective that I do.

And to my staff,



it is your constant encouragement that keeps me going.

I also think that many of my life experiences have enriched my perspective.  From our exotic outings…


spring and summer 060

to the fine cuisine we’ve have had the pleasure of enjoying,


Toad in a Hole cooked on a can stove for Cub Scouts


to all of life’s most beautiful moments.


t.p.'d bed bunks at SkyRanch Science Camp...revenge!


These have all made me the perfectly mediocre blogger that I am! Thank you.

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger award I must now forward it on to seven other bloggers that I feel deserve a little recognition, and then tell you seven little facts about me.

BLOGROLL of Versatile Blogger Recipients!!!!!

They are all fun, creative, and insightful. Take a moment to click and bookmark….








See!? Aren’t they great? Better than magazines, cookbooks, sitcoms, or Bravo tv.

Now for seven facts about me….

1.  I have to eat Funyuns on road trips, yet I’m  a food Nazi.

2. I love bunnies, rabbits, and hares….a little too much.

3. I would be an excellent race car driver if given half a chance…and a really fast car. 

4. I love scaring people. My whole family is shell shocked.

5. Wind makes me mad. I can’t help it. (same with The Hubbers)

6. I want a scissor lift to see the sunsets better.

7. I cry ever time I sit in any church for any reason. I’m like a faucet people.

Well that was fun!  Have a great week!



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There are a few little things in my life that really chap my …. that really bug me,

but not enough to actually DO anything about them.

This shirt tag for example. Drives me crazy…too lazy to cut it out. I’ve worn it for 3 years.


This crack in my bathroom tile. Not about to bust out my Dremel and pop in a new one. As if. Sorry to disappoint all the Virgos in my life.


Here’s my attic door. It won’t close properly.  I blame the DSL guy.  He busted the pull down ladder as well. No biggie, we have another attic.


What’re ya gonna do? 

BUT….here’s one thing that I actually did something about! 


 There’s a certain fancy schmancy store that I like to pop into on my way to (not buy anything at) Anthropologie.  I get a little sample of lavender hand cream from the Tester tube at said fancy store and try not to make eye contact with the sales ladies. If there’s a legal limit to how many free samples one can take, there’s definitely a warrant out for my arrest.  I just never buy anything because I can’t pronounce the name of the store!  There.  I said it!

 I don’t know how to pronounce L’Occitane.

Are you laughing?

Like, what if someone comes over and uses it and then asks me where I bought it?  Then I’d have to say that my girlfriend brought it to me from France which would be a big fat lie.  Or I’d panic and say “I found it”, which would be totally gross and then I’d have to back pedal, so I just avoid the whole situation all together.  

Admit it – You’re not sure either – Well here ya go! I looked it up –  You can thank me later 😉 





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a really pretty To Do list

Ok!  So as we all know I have (when I don’t have class work)  a massive addiction to Pinterest.  Last night I was up ’til 3 in the morning again following pins to their blog sources and then chasing images down rabbit holes and then I thought,

Hey Loser, go to bed. Tomorrow is another day and you can get a semi early start and actually DO some of the things you’ve pinned.

And with that I was, yet again, encourage to Log Out and rest. I put aside those lurking thoughts…

‘What if I miss something! What if I didn’t include the right short link, or put a Pin on the wrong Board!?’

But alas,

today ended up being a bunch of NON PINTEREST tasks, but I did manage to eek out a new type of TO DO list!

(which is actually just wasting more time not DOing the things I’ve pinned….just pasting to this post.


Anyhow….THIS WEEK’S TO DO LIST includes….

Making a batch of this!  Wouldn’t it pair nicely with an evening of pinning?   

Pinned Image

Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer - Orange juice, Sprite, Vodka, Maraschino Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice


Make just one journal page!  Here’s one from Pinterest…I have 600 more examples but will spare you. 🙂


Type one little letter on this very typewriter.  A heading, greeting, body, salutation, hand signature.  This seems almost like a lost art in today’s world, but shouldn’t we all keep our letter writing skills nice and sharp? Note: this lovely machine lost its Backspace and Delete button, so it could actually take a few hours (away from my Pinning).

Pinned Image


Organize something around here. Maybe I’ll do this with my linen closet. I think this is Martha’s idea. You put you flat and fitted sheets into the pillow case to keep them all together (she’s assuming I have matching sets).  I think this was one of my very first pins this summer….and yet my closets still look crappy.


Make this from

Found this last night when I was supposed to be sleeping. 

But look at the ingredients for the sauce!

vegetable broth,  peanut butter
 sriracha ( Rooster Sauce)
 honey,  soy sauce,  ginger and garlic

. Noodles and Company Indonesian Peanut Sauté

Celebrate one birthday!…

Pinned Image

Make another batch of these. Don’t you remember me telling you that Pinterest makes you fat?

Anyway,  I’ve made them before and they are way too easy….which is great when you have to hurry up and get back to pinning.

Pinned Image


Which will require at least two sessions of this…

Pinned Image

some yoga in the dirt out by my shed…. in my dress


So there you have it- My To Do List    photo journal style!

Are you Pinning yet?  DON’T!


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Archaeological findings right in my living room!

stock photo : viking coins (modern replica based on archaeological findings in Sweden)

no no no, nothing as exciting as ancient coins



or as gross as skeletons.

Nevertheless my findings are, apparently, just as intriguing.

 There is a certain age group that passes through my home that is completely at a loss… 

intrigued, amazed, confounded…

I mean, NO CLUE.

They just stand there staring at it.





 “This is cool Mrs. B.”

What is it?”

“How do you turn it on?’

“Where’s the delete button?”

“But what if you make a mistake?”

“Can it print in color?”



This is the typewriter that my mother-in-law learned to type on!   Isn’t it so cool?   The kids love how stacked up the rows of keys are and how heavy it is. 

They can’t grasp that it is NOT an electric typewriter…but that it still works…me either.

I love that the ribbon is a little bit dry.  Using it adds so much to a certain aesthetic when I add quotes to my journal. 

The letters have a ‘sepia’ quality to them that you just can’t find in other computer fonts.




Here’s another archaeological find that slows traffic in my living room….




Records!  Kids don’t understand how they work…neither do i really.

The Hubbers, lovely man that he is, bought us a low  70’s style shelf thing from Ikea, brought back a few of the albums from storage, and found a nice turn table.

We have the best time lying around listening to Zeppelin, Journey, Foghat!

Our teens don’t understand it really. Like, we LOVE having the music LOUD. But them…not so much. They’re from the ear bud generation. whatevs.

And another generation gap item that we recently discovered…

While watching Maroon 5 on one of the morning shows,  Hubbers asks daughter, what’s the name of the drummer. She has no idea.  The bassist?  nope.  See, back in the day, kids not only knew the lead singer, but all of the other musicians as well.  And most kids knew the instruments that they played, which members were single, which drug they used, and when their tour came thru town next.    Anyway, just a funny observation. 




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