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My heroes have always been cowboys, I mean bloggers….and of course my Mom and little brother

It’s a natural next step for me, to put all i do in a blog….all my painting, creating, fixing, writing, baking, and making….on a computer screen. Odd. The ones that i love that are so far away can pretend they’re here with me…helping or watching, or making me another drink…you know who you are.   Young House Love (precious little family), Tracy Porter (her books are scrumptious as well), and of course Donna Downey with her Inspiration Wednesdays posts and now videos (woo to the hoo!) are a few bloggers from my arsenal of inspiration. They gave me the courage.

And this little ditty from Miss Earhart….

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. 

 The fears are paper tigers.

You can do any thing you decide to do.

You can act to change and control your life;

and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

And one last important kinda serious note on this very first blog entry o’ mine…a note on inspiration…..I keep a photo of my Mom wearing  her cap and gown. It, on the surface, tells the story of divorce, a  Master’s degree, shifted lives and tumultuous do-overs. Its yellowing pigments remind me to act, to take the first step, to walk in faith or it will be too late. My brother has conquered it all against the toughest odds as well.  His life, in all its perfection, inspires my first step.

That’s all for today. It took me HOURS to get this started. I’m teary eyed, my dishes are piling up, and my fingers are covered in Cheetos dust…..damnit.



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honestly, what is the point?

So I’ve been thinking about this blog.  And you know how I hate the idea of faceb**k. How do I keep a digital/visual diary, include my friends and family, and exclude the haters? Also, am I ready to share everything with everybody, like my dorky art journal pages or my excitement over one stupid strawberry? Is this an indulgent, conceited medium for one’s ego? Hmmmm.

Would it be like a digital scrapbook? Erma Bombeck would have a blog. All my artistic idols have blogs…

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can’t decide on a name..

one reoccuring theme in my day is looking for crap and not remembering what it was i was looking for…so i give up and go do an art journal page until it comes to me. Decided on this template and pina colada roses for the header….for now, may change it again…if I can remember.

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testing…is this thing on?

but what if someone actually sees this?  and they laugh……

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