I’m not sure who I am….but I know what I am….

Sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, wife, mom, walker, baker, candlestick maker (once, when I was a Martha Stewart fan), full time student at UTDallas (Go Comets!), Christian, artist (yes, I actually sell stuff), a Saints Fan (married to a Colts fan), smart alec, goofy, and Queen of the bad hair days. 


Hi!  I’m Kelly.  Welcome to my blog, Why’d I Come in Here?

I ask myself this question daily and often find myself completely distracted by something else while I wait to remember.  It’s a fun little way to mix up the day and keep it interesting. I lose a lot of laundry to mildew, by the way.

I’m a wife to ‘The Hubbers, and a mom to two wonderful teenagers, living in a sweet little yellow house with a red door in Dallas.  

 I paint (furniture, walls, canvases, anything really), strip, sand, repair, build, tile, bake, cook, sew, upholster, art journal, and garden (weed the beds). I’m a jill of all trades, master of none. I’m pretty good with the skill, reciprocating, table, and jig saws. The band saw scares me….so does the weed whacker. I’m working on it.  I’ve built playhouses, sandboxes, and our outdoor Great Table (seats 12, made from treated lumber, and stores easily….luvit!) to name a few. We moved into our second home, “Pennyburn” in 1997, and I’ve painted every room in it at least twice. (Which speaks to my need for change and not my inability to pick good paint colors. 🙂 )

 I’ve seen every trend come and go since I first tuned in to BBC America’s “Changing Rooms” and then TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and Nancy Golden (Nate Berkus’ mom) on DIY and HGTV.  “Pennyburn” and I began our love/hate relationship about the time Rachel Ashwell coined the term ‘shabby chic’.  I’ve since sold or altered all of my brownish-pink and cream shabby stuff, but I still wear the cowboy boots I bought because of her cover. Now, I’m a Tracy Porter and JuNk GyPsY fan.

Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Treasure Hunting and Decorating Guide

boot envy

I couldn’t bare the thought of ever painting another wall so I turned to the yards, finally, and then to canvases and my art journals. And now that the kids are older and their food likes have matured I have more fun cooking. There’s only so much one can do with grapes, cheese sticks, and Cheerios.  I can also go thrifting more now that I don’t have little ones!

In the interest of thrifting, upcycling supports local business and my neighbors directly and keeps our junk out of the landfills as well. Plus, it decreases my big fat carbon footprint since it doesn’t require energy to reprocess it back to its raw form like recycling does.  But I won’t go there right now.

So, I’m all over the map these days and loving that I have so many options for creativity. I hope my blog reflects this…variety.  I hope you find something interesting and thanks for visiting!

Geaux Saints!


13 responses to “About

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and subscribing to my blog…of course I had to come on over and check you out to! It looks like we have a lot in common…if you are the queen, then I guess I’m a princess of bad hair days. I want a house with a red door (currently my husband has a weird fanaticism over what does/doesn’t happen to the door at our house), and I too am afraid of the weedwacker. Although…I do know a really great dance move inspired by it…

    Anyway, your blog looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. No grass growing under your feet! Holy smokes Kelly, you could have your own DIY show on HGTV! Thank you for subscribing to my blog. Yippee. I am off to see what else you are up to round here. Margie

  3. scott

    I know this woman! (kellybean), and she is EXACTLY like she sounds! 😉 The Hubbers is very laid back, and has the patience of Job, and an awesome musician. The kids aren’t little anymore and are both totally themselves.

    another Bro-in-Law

  4. Kelly, I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I love all of the artsy things you have going on over here, and I can’t believe you have two teenagers! You look like you’re 25. 🙂 I have to follow your blog now so I can keep up with the next cool craft.

  5. Oh My, I think we could become fast friends! 🙂 I love your blog and definitely your sense of humor about life! I need more people like you around in my life! I will certainly be subscribing! You a Texan and me from Georgia! I think we might find several things to talk about! 🙂 Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Feel like I am constantly in the “upkeep” of it! I certainly don’t think that is the way God called me to live with it! Hope to be more free in my writing in the future!
    Many Blessings!

  6. You have beautiful hair – can´t imagine you having a bad hair day! Thanks for subscribing – do hope you continue to enjoy. Am off to have a look around here now 🙂

  7. Hi Kelly, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. I have placed the details here. Thank you for maintaining your blog. I enjoy reading it 🙂

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