Will my ship ever come in?

Classes started back on Tuesday and I went into a panic on Monday when I realized it will probably be weeks before I can paint or journal again! The thought of that makes my chest tighten….and I start slipping into a manic kind of state where all of the sudden I have to crank out 6 detailed pages, or a canvas, or hell, maybe even organize a cabinet…nah-forget I said that about the cabinet.  phffft! Got a little ahead of myself there.    

Anyway, it just so happens that I’ve been ruminating on a post I read the other day from one of my favorite blogs, LegosnEggos, and was inspired to paint…and glue..and play.  She writes,

“Some days, I truly want to believe that the dream of doing what one loves for a paycheck does not belong to only a few, but that it is granted to those of us who search our souls, search our aptitudes, search our talents after pleading for years to find “that thing.”[…] What action is needed to cross over to becoming one of those in the minority, the blessed few in comparison that wake up every day knowing they are doing what they were truly born to do?[…]Until then, I remain here on the cusp, waiting to be shown some meaningful story, to be given some clear destination.  It is waiting at a lonely pier for your boat to arrive, to take you away to some lovely place, some adventure that you were promised in another life.  But the boat is well past late, and you are beginning to fear, starting to dread the suspicion that it might have sunk, still empty of you as its captain, your having never even stepped afloat to prove yourself seaworthy.”

And I ended up with a pink and rhinestone ship, a lavender octopus, and if you look closely you might see the glitter.  The blank spot in the center is to journal on.


“Your attitude determines your latitude” –West


“there are days when I look out and wonder if my ship will ever come in or if it sank at see”

  Like the one in Italy. Ha! I never even put the two together until just now. ooooooeeeeeooooo! Wow, should I take it as a sign?

 Either way, I’d still like to know. 🙂




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5 responses to “Will my ship ever come in?

  1. LegosnEggos

    I absolutely LOVE the art piece! You capture exactly the mood, too! I’m pinning to my Pinterest now. This made my day. 🙂

  2. Jo

    Such a lovely spread and so hopeful of riding the waves of your passion work. I’m sure you will reach your shoreline soon ❤

  3. Jack Tupp

    Kbean – I think you’re on your ship, you just need to take hold of the tiller.
    Not sure I have a good hold of mine either, but I usually enjoy the wandering, surprising course of my ship.

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