How to write a letter that will inspire humanity and outwit ignorance

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his ‘I Have a Dream Speech’ in August of 1963; however, it is his  ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail’ in April of that same year that is even more phenomenal.

English composition professors everywhere have made it their gold standard.  Through ethos, pathos, and logos, the Doctor eloquently writes an open letter in the margins of old newspapers and outwits eight white Birmingham clergymen.

Even if you don’t take a minute to acknowledge Dr. King and the accomplishments of his era, at least take a refresher course in how to write a damn good letter.

I will not paste the document here as it is too lengthy, but here is a link that will help us all see exactly how he composed the most important written document of the Civil Rights Era.  Because of its length, please consider reading it throughout the week.

You’ll be glad you did!  Uplifting, Inspiring, and Brilliant!!!


and in its entirety, unaltered…


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