The practice of new habits

It’s a new year. They are going by so fast. As soon as I feel I have mastered new habits, written out my thesis for the next 365 days, or completed a comprehensive list of goals, the years is over. Whoosh!

As far as new year resolutions go, and regarding the practice of new habits as suggested by ‘Walk with Him Wednesdays’, my God Calling (1/11) tells me, “….At the moment you are pilgrims and need only your marching orders, and strength and guidance for the day…”. THE DAY!!   So it seems that my first spiritual practice of 2012 that will draw me nearer to Him is to do nothing…..but listen. Easy enough. No lists, no goals, no mission statements, no organizing and prioritizing. I can do that. Just wait for my marching orders and





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3 responses to “The practice of new habits

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  2. Jack Tupp

    I like that kbean!

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