A place for new year resolutions

 I made what I think I’ll call an Intention Board – a place to pin my new year resolutions, or maybe it’s a Prayer Board and will hold pictures or the names of people on my prayer list. Either way, it’s a painted and collaged canvas with wires running across the front to hold tags, photos with mini clothespins, or baubles.  






To make your own…. 

Gesso a white 14×11 canvas.  Paint on bright colors!

Apply acrylic over watercolors and dab off with tissue paper if you don’t want brush strokes.


Add some ephemera with matte medium.


Add more gesso- kinda here and there


Spread on more acrylic paint in darker colors with an old credit card, let it dry and then add more paper. Mine just arrived from Tokyo. 🙂


Stencil on black stars and lace- or whatever.


Add a white heart, initial, or bird, then a random number, two little gold stars, then outline a few elements with a charcoal pencil and brown water color crayons.  Paint the edges black and then add your wire.  I used thin green floral wire that was doubled up on itself.  




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One response to “A place for new year resolutions

  1. Intention board – GREAT reframe of oft-forgotten resolutions!

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