A Vintage Christmas


Field Trip!

Miss Kim and I recently toodled around Dolly Python and CuRioSiTies. Among their year round funky junk was ChRiStMaS  funky junk!

  My Grandmothers had some of the same funky bits on their trees, and as I kid I thought they were ‘old lady lookin’.  But now I love them!  They have the same effect on me as hearing the Peanuts theme song  or watching Frosty the Snowman WITH the commercials.

I hit estate sales now and then and find tons of vintage decorations but just don’t buy them because they’re….crapped out.  The antique dealers get all the good stuff a day before the estate sale is open to the general public. So instead, I roam the vintage shops and admire their non-crapped out ornaments and decorations….









I hang the ornaments that I inherited on our family tree every year, regardless of their….funky ness.

If you have a pile of vintage goodies that are too vintage for your tree or that don’t really fit your theme make a wreath out of them!

This was made from gold, silver, white, and pink ornaments, tinsel, plastic floral goo-gaws, and a handful of worn out pieces that are just kind of smooshed in.






This one is made from tufts of green plastic holly, random poinsettias, glitzy pinecones, glitzy spruce branches, and two elves on either side of a tree.  All of the bits are wired to a regular fake greenery wreath.

Awesome huh?! 


And let’s not forget the vintage apparel!……


If you see my kids, don’t tell them I posted this picture!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and

IMG_2365   in your new year.







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2 responses to “A Vintage Christmas

  1. I love your vintage ornaments! They are so beautiful! And your kids look very festive for the holidays but I won’t tell them I saw them 😉

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