Sink Your Teeth In Burgers

I was cleaning up the RECIPES tab and came across this recipe that I don’t think  was ever actually published. These are so tasty, and you can really sink your teeth in – my meat eaters even love them.  You can do them on the grill or in a large skillet.  And instead of chips, try Ina Garten’s Mashed Potatoes (link at the bottom).

Portobello Burgers

(a hacked and shortened version of Sara Moulton’s)
4 big Portobello caps, de-gilled, de-stemmed and cleaned (try a grapefruit spoon for de-gilling)
3 T. balsamic vinegar   (+2 T. for mayo)
3 chopped garlic cloves
1 T. thyme
1/4 c. evoo + more for grill/skillet
feta or gorgonzola (about 1 T per patty)
shredded basil, maybe 3 leaves per burger
1/2  red bell pepper (optional)
buns….big ones, don’t let ur burgers hang off the sides of some skimpy rolls
mayo  …….(invest in a good mayo, spend the $, use it SPARINGLY)  )
Marinate the Portobello in the next 4 ingredients for 2 hours in a plastic bag. Turn often.
Put a little oil in your largest skillet (or oil your grill) and heat the “burgers” until they get all sweaty and ready, flipping occasionally, 6-10 minutes. When they look done enough, turn off the heat, and fill them with the cheese.  Put top on skillet or close grill and let cheese warm and soften.
Toast the buns.
Add 1-2 T balsamic vinegar to 1/4 C. mayo and spread on buns.
 Add cheesy patty.
Add basil the diced bell peppers.
Cut burgers in half.
Serve with Barefoot Contessa’s Mashed Potatoes (
and a Rolling Rock beer.





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2 responses to “Sink Your Teeth In Burgers

  1. marianne womble

    You have some of the best recipes evRR! Love your ingredients and the creativity that comes out of that beanie of yours. U R the greatest and so is the punkin fudge!
    Luv, Mimi

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