Owl massage, boot socks, and a mini skirt


Loving the look of Boot Socks, but I prefer to wear thinner, hoserie type socks with all of my boots so I upcycled a thrift store sweater into leg warmers!




Make a mini skirt while you’re at it.

Cut below the arm pit for the skirt…


 and cut the sleeve off parallel to the wrist cuff.



Put plastic down before you work with fabric glue.



Turn sleeve inside out.  Apply a fat bead of glue and gently press down as to prevent the glue from oozing through to the outside of the sock.





 Add doo-dads and baubles

.Pinned Image


Or wear them turned down over the top of the boot like a wellie liner.



 Here’s the skirt which I didn’t take pictures of as I went.


 The skirt is just like the boot sock.  Turn inside out, apply glue, fold over to the width of your elastic, let dry.

Cut slit on the inside of the new top hem, run elastic through with a safety pin, and sew ends of elastic together, use a toothpick to apply a bit of fabric glue to keep the edges of the slit from fraying.


DIY PROJECT: An Old Sweater Becomes a Skirt - Step 10 of 11


And now for the CUTEST thing…. 




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4 responses to “Owl massage, boot socks, and a mini skirt

  1. Tracy

    You can use the rest of the sweater to start a sweater blanket! 🙂

  2. Love the boot socks! all great ideas

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