For the Bibliophile in your life..

I have so many avid readers in my life, but I never know what they’ve already read. Since a gift certificate to a book store seems like such a cop-out, and since I have so much STORED UP CREATIVITY, I made a book page wreath!  Besides, what’s December without burned finger tips?

Check it out…


Now, You’re probably thinking that I am absolutely amazing a got me some CrAfTy Ninja skills, but it really is simple and I’ll show you how to do it.

If you’re not too impressed with the lovely black and creamy-white ness of this darling little example, imagine it done in colorful pages of a children’s book and hung in a nursery! How about glossy magazine pages done in a heart shape for a teen? Or possibly made out of cocktail napkins and leaning near the bar for a Girl’s-Night-In party. Or maybe some of that delicious, heavy paper that Paper Source sells, or the wrapping paper at World Market in Christmas colors on an enormous wreath for over the mantle?



Get a Styrofoam wreath, a stapler, an old book, a hot glue gun, a big cup of tea, and turn on a Christmas movie.

My Styrofoam wreath (without the book pages glued to it) is 9” across and the opening in 6” across.  Finished, the wreath is 12” across, but you can do any size really.


Tear the tops and bottoms of the pages off to have half as much blank margins showing.


Wad and fold each page and staple together about a half an inch from the bottom so that you create a tab.


Here’s a side view of the tab where you’ll put a drop of glue.

Start attaching them making sure that none of your tabs stick out past the Styrofoam.  In other words, don’t let the tabs push it away from the wall.


Voila!  In less than an hour, a gift for the bibliophile in your life too!  Better than another bookmark right?





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2 responses to “For the Bibliophile in your life..

  1. Love this one, too. I admire your creativity. Wish I had a little of that . . .

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