A little ArT JoUrNaL LoVe

Happy Happy Happy am I!  Things aren’t normal around here without the smell of glues, paint splatters all in the kitchen sink, scraps of paper on the floor under my work space, and hungry kids milling about scrounging for food. I am finally on Christmas break and feel on top of my final exams that I take next week, so I spent a little time bonding with my ArT JoUrNaL. I missed it so! Study a little, paint a little, study a little, glue a little.  Happy as a bug in a rug.

Watched Elf last night so Christmas may commence!!


Tissue paper, water colors, patterns, markers, ………………messy goodness!





Filed under art journal

2 responses to “A little ArT JoUrNaL LoVe

  1. Ooh, I like these pages Kelly. Love art journaling. Maybe in 2012 along with the 800 other creative things I wish to do! Margie

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