Vegetarian Chipotle Tacos

Oh man, these were scrum-dilly-umptious!!!

Spicy smokey goodness that’s heart healthy as well!

For the slaw’s dressing: add a few diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce to a bit of something creamy.  We used yogurt, but you could try thinned sour cream.  Freeze the left over chiles for next time.

Dress some chopped iceberg (or cabbage) with the dressing. I added a few shredded carrots too. 

Add a can of drained, warmed white/cannelli beans to mashed avocados.

Add some shredded cheddar and a few diced purple onions (or a little salsa).

 Fill your warmed tortilla and pop open your cold Tecate

Have a great weekend! I’ll just be sitting here writing another paper.




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3 responses to “Vegetarian Chipotle Tacos

  1. Dora

    Yummy,I’ll be trying this one today-bon’appe’tit! Wish we could have lunch together,miss you still.

  2. Nel

    These look delicious! 🙂 I’ll try this!

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