Good Morning, your Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oatmeal awaits…

Woo hoo! Time to pull out the flannel p.j.’s and fuzzy slippers! Yeah baby! And that’s all I like about the cold weather.

Cold tile floors, icy tap water, cold leather couches, freezing sheets, dark winter mornings, stiff knuckles, frosty windshields…ugh.

(oh, and it’s time for that funky heater smell.  What is that anyway? Dust? Bugs?)

On to warmer thoughts……

Bora Bora

oops, I meant YUMMIER thoughts, sorry about that





 Try this little recipe that will make cold tile floors  a little more tolerable. 

Get your fancy crock pot with the built in timer, or your old one and use one of those light timers…

The oatmeal needs to cook for 5 hours on low.  If breakfast is at 7am, I set the time to turn off at 6am so it has an hour to cool down.

So mine is set to turn on at 1 am, and off at 6am.

Here’s the recipe..

into crock pot:

1 cup Quaker steel cut oatmeal

4 1/2 cups water

3 pats of butter (this will help it from sticking to the sides)

1 tablespoon Pumpkin Pie Spice

a little salt

optional: raisins, peeled apple chunks and ground flax seeds,  

Or try pecans and walnuts right before serving.


In the morning, stir in your sweetener or just sprinkle a little on top of each bowl. We use 2/3

 cups light brown sugar

and occasionally real maple syrup. Agave was a hard sell for this comfort food.

Makes about 5-8 servings




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2 responses to “Good Morning, your Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oatmeal awaits…

  1. Grant

    As soon as I get back from the road, i’m makin this for my lubber. She loves oatmeal, and I might even like it this way!

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