Waldorfy Granola Tuna Salad with Grapes

So you know how those awesome, super healthy little packets of trailmix are so yummy with their little chewy bits of dried fruit and crunchy nuts?

And you know how a traditional Waldorf salad is apples, celery, walnuts (pecans where I come from) all dressed up in mayo?

Well, what if you put the two together with a little tuna…maybe switch the mayo for yogurt?

Then you get

“Waldorfy Granola Tuna Salad with Grapes”

Here’s how to make it…

Get canned Albacore tuna in water and drain it.

Use your favorite trail mix with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, but without candy.

Dice the apples and celery. Halve the grapes. Add a dallop of yogurt.

Don’t forget the black pepper.

I eat mine on Wasa crackers.

So Delish!




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