fun little places where you too can waste valuable time….

Again, 3 papers done, 1 to go, and I sit here- stalling…..

Have a big project to get done? Should be returning emails or folding laundry or on the treadmill??

Here, let me sabotage you.  Let me derail your productivity for just a little while…

If I can’t get any work done, no one can!  bwah hahah…

Check out this yummy eye candy round up!  Click on the photo or the hyperlink for the source.

”Beds on Cars” in Vogue Italy 2004 by Tim Walker


What the H – E – Double Hockey Sticks!?  You can’t do that?!  Would it rub off on my butt?


Personalized Stamped Necklace 

Darling Jewelry on Etsy  LOVE Etsy!








Fabulous Photography! Go visit Irene Suchocki’s  shop for a little more eye candy




I could so live here. It just needs a huge rug…

Did You Know FREE PEOPLE has a blog!?


and they have a free download….if you happen to need an OCTOBER page..



The Floor!!  Look at the FLOOOOOR!  Omg!  I SOOOO wanted to do this, but went with travertine…

Sally Wheat Interiors



meander through this one…take your time….it’s

Poem of the Week: by Hagiwara Sakutarō (1886-1942)

Secrets of the Garden of a Vacant House Seen in a Dream
(translated by Hiroaki Sato)

Things planted in the garden of a vacant house are
_______pine trees and such
loquat trees___peach trees___black pine trees___sasanquas
_______cherries___and such
prosperous leafy trees___branches of leafy trees that
_______spread around
as well under the leaves of those swarming branches
_______the plants that luxuriate continuously
all in all___ferns___bracken___fiddleheads___sundews___and
all over the ground they pile up and crawl
the life of these blue things
the garden of the vacant house is always in the plants’
_______shadows and dim
only what faintly flows is a streak of rivulet water
the sound of the running water soughing sadly and
_______low day and night
as well somewhere neat the soggy fence
I see the uncanny muculent forms of slugs___snakes
_______frogs___lizards___and such.
And above this secluded world
pale moonlight illuminates the night
moonlight flows in mostly through the planted groves.
Heart intent on thoughts of this late night deepening
_______ever funereal
my heart leaning on the fence madly plays the flute
ah___this secret life where various things are hidden
a world where boundlessly beautiful shadows___and
mysterious forms pile up one upon another
illuminated in moonlight: ferns___bracken___branches of
_______pine trees
the eerie lives of slugs___snakes___lizards___and such
ah___how I miss the secrets of the garden of this
_______vacant house I often dream of___where no one
and its deeply suggestive seclusion its mystery ever


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