TOMS gets a do-over do-over

TOMS get a do-over

Did you ever decorate your Keds sneakers? Or paint your Converse Hightops?

Now the kids (and me) are painting TOMS, which is a fabulous idea when you want to get your money’s worth out of the poorest quality shoe I’ve ever paid for, which is fine since the money went partly to charity.


when I bought them for my daughter they were plain ole canvas color.

Then she wrote on them with markers…

first do-over


To hide the marker I had to prime with white gesso a few times. The gray coat is craft acrylic. 

 The silhouettes were done with a black Sharpie.

While I’d love to embellish a little bit more with say, tiny dots around the base, my daughter is a no-frills kinda girl. So I’ll leave well enough alone.

But wouldn’t teal have been pretty or grello?

Look what I found on Pinterest! Neither my daughter, nor I would wear them, but they’re oh so cute!



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One response to “TOMS gets a do-over do-over

  1. What a great idea! They turned out great!

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