Renegade Lunch Lady

I have a passion for food/nutrition as preventative medicine.  I believe that if I eat the way nature intended ( or as close to it as possible) every day, I’ll get to die of old age- not diseases related to inferior food choices. I want my kids to tell their kids that Grandma was just old, worn out, and that God couldn’t wait any longer. 

Below is a video of the “renegade lunch lady” Ann Cooper. Her point at the end of the speech brought me to my feet with a big HALLELUJAH SISTER!  School lunch programs (a social justice issue) should be governed by the CDC not the USDA. Food is can be medicine and should be “thought of as a health initiative”.   

“We’re feeding our children to death.” -Cooper…to DEAT H people!!!

My passion about this issue is on behalf of the children. Adults today have access to nutrition knowledge that rivals chemists and doctors…..and we make poor choices anyway.  Children will eat the corny dog, corn, and Jell-o if they are the only options available. They will also choose apples over brussel sprouts….it is important to notice here that I just said KIDS WILL CHOOSE APPLES. Kids will choose carrots over arugula. There you have it, two nice substitutions for chips and Goldfish. Do not attempt to persuade a child to choose carrots over arugula when there is a 58 oz box of Goldfish in the pantry.

Therein lies another problem, cost. White flour and corn products are more affordable than fresh organic produce. So sad. Most pantries in low-income homes are filled with genetically modified crap that is no longer recognizable.  Chicken nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs.  Parents pay money for this stuff…because it’s just too much to think about. 

To help consumers out, I move that…. 

  • Plant breeders, seed companies, and agrochemical companies should be listed on packaging.
  • Genetically modified food labels should be present on packaging similar to the USDA Organic icon.
  • Known carcinogens should be identified in red on the ingredient list of packaged food.
  • For non packaged food, pesticide stickers or labels for produce should be visible. 

Eventually, consumers will be educated, disgusted, and moved to demand change. We shouldn’t try to shut down General Mills or Nestle, Monsanto or DuPont, just put them out of business by not buying their ‘food’.  Less bureaucracy that way.

Does anyone second that motion?  Can i get an Amen!? 🙂 or an Aye?

This is important…not a whole lot matters in life if we’re slowly killing off the next generation of little Americans with diabetes and obesity and heart disease  and and and!  So, go get your fingernail polish, or your knitting project, watch it on your lunch break, or crank it up while you ride your stationary bike.

food for thought…. 

Making its second appearance here on Why’d I Come in Here?….

stare at it, memorize it, love it…


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