‘Somebody Has To’

I am, for some unknown reason attracted to scraps and ephemera.  It’s the magpie in me.

I guess as a little girl I cherished things, tiny things, way too much. I had one of those type set trays in the 80’s with miniature kitties, and mushrooms, and rollerskates.  Remember that fad?

I also kept and adored little bits like my great grandmother’s broken brooch or an antique hairpin.  I could create an entire scene around one little hairpin: flapper girl, fringe, stockings, cigarette smoke, loud music, pink velvet, powder puffs….another age.

I think this is why i love assemblage art so much.

 Bits of lost ages that come together to tell a new story.



Joe Pogan's Bird and Nest made from found objects., via Art Propelled

Joe Pogan’s ‘Bird and Nest’

Annabel Elston, Bird Production

Annabel Elston, Bird Productions



Neatorama » Blog Archive » Steampunk Birds by Jim Mullan

Steampunk Birds by Jim Mullan



seen at Main Street Artfest in Fort Worth




assemblage art by Janice Lowry, via jennydoh.typepad.com/crescendo


Below is a crazy piece that I did out of  ‘family salvage’.

The body was Nana and Lon’s mantle clock,

the outline of the face is MamaJean’s porcelain soap dish holder,

the nose was her silver salt spoon,

the glasses were my son’s in the first grade,

the wings belonged to ‘Daddylo’ – he taught the flyboys how to fly,

the wings are held up by a champagne cork that holds special significance as well.

the wings are made from my grandfather’s carpenter ruler, 

the blue bird was part of MamaJean’s collection. 

The light is from a little porcelain bouquet of flowers that was a table top night-light in the grandkids’ room. I left it on in hopes that I might see Santa better.

all the rest are pieces of someone else’s  grandparents ‘family salvage’

who knows what this is, but it’s yellowed, and was probably very important.  



for reflection

Her little belly is filled with paper copper stars, paper moths, a real blue jay feather, slices of corks,

an old pocket watch face,  and illustrations from a decrepit, but lovely old book that was left out in the rain

at First Monday Trade Days.




This Shel Silverstein poem was not the inspiration for my assemblage. It did however, come to mind as I
worked through it -as she came to life.

photo by lacasapark.com




from shel silverstein's A Light in the Attic



her little red votive cup holds a tea light…

so she can see when she polishes the stars

of course.




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