Archaeological findings right in my living room!

stock photo : viking coins (modern replica based on archaeological findings in Sweden)

no no no, nothing as exciting as ancient coins



or as gross as skeletons.

Nevertheless my findings are, apparently, just as intriguing.

 There is a certain age group that passes through my home that is completely at a loss… 

intrigued, amazed, confounded…

I mean, NO CLUE.

They just stand there staring at it.





 “This is cool Mrs. B.”

What is it?”

“How do you turn it on?’

“Where’s the delete button?”

“But what if you make a mistake?”

“Can it print in color?”



This is the typewriter that my mother-in-law learned to type on!   Isn’t it so cool?   The kids love how stacked up the rows of keys are and how heavy it is. 

They can’t grasp that it is NOT an electric typewriter…but that it still works…me either.

I love that the ribbon is a little bit dry.  Using it adds so much to a certain aesthetic when I add quotes to my journal. 

The letters have a ‘sepia’ quality to them that you just can’t find in other computer fonts.




Here’s another archaeological find that slows traffic in my living room….




Records!  Kids don’t understand how they work…neither do i really.

The Hubbers, lovely man that he is, bought us a low  70’s style shelf thing from Ikea, brought back a few of the albums from storage, and found a nice turn table.

We have the best time lying around listening to Zeppelin, Journey, Foghat!

Our teens don’t understand it really. Like, we LOVE having the music LOUD. But them…not so much. They’re from the ear bud generation. whatevs.

And another generation gap item that we recently discovered…

While watching Maroon 5 on one of the morning shows,  Hubbers asks daughter, what’s the name of the drummer. She has no idea.  The bassist?  nope.  See, back in the day, kids not only knew the lead singer, but all of the other musicians as well.  And most kids knew the instruments that they played, which members were single, which drug they used, and when their tour came thru town next.    Anyway, just a funny observation. 





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