Better Bajas

Yay It’s Saturday! I have tons to do today, but wanted to get this out early. It would be a refreshing treat on a scorching hot evening.

I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love it except my girlfriend that spends every free moment fishing-but she doesn’t eat fish. Crazy redhead. 

Better Baja Fish Tacos….easy peasy

I scarf on fish tacos at Rusty’s Taco, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Urban Taco, and at home.  Love ’em but the one thing I don’t do is FRIED fish. Luckily, fried versions are getting harder to find.

Here is my recipe that keeps everyone happy and satisfies our mexican food cravings so we don’t do stupid stuff like go out to eat and order AVOCADO ENCHILADAS and eat 4 bowls of chips just waiting.  Even my occasional visiting surfer approves!

But first, the Tilapia breakdown. Since the Hubbers will eat 3 tacos, so does the son, the daughter and Ihave 2 each, for a total of 10 tacos,  I buy five fillets because each little soft corn tortillas can only hold half of a fillet (assuming your fillets are about 4 oz). 

Anyway, lay those puppies out in a foil packet on a baking sheet and top with Blackened Seasoning. Be generous. Bake.

Meanwhile make the ‘slaw’. Since I don’t like cabbage I shred iceberg up because it has the best crisp, cold crunch compared to the other healthier lettuces. Use what you prefer. Toss in chopped cilantro.

Slaw’s  Dressing:

4 oz Greek yogurt or sour cream thinned with a little milk, 1 tablespoon  cumin,  a little fresh lime juice, and salt. ADJUST to your taste adding more cumin or lime.

Make skinny slices of 2 avocados and 1 peeled mango

here’s how to deal with the mango…

Add dressing to lettuce.

Warm the corn tortillas in damp paper towels in the microwave.

Build it:  In one tortilla add half of a fillet, then slaw, then 2 mango slices and some avocados, then squeeze a little lime over the top.

Here’s a quick side dish that I serve up in little bowls instead of chips…

Heat in a saucepot  1 can black beans + I can corn + 1 can white hominy.  Serve with a juicy squirt of lime and maybe a double pinch of shredded Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese on top.


And don’t forget the Tecate!


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