Drastic heat calls for drastic measures….and bourbon

ok!  This is outta control. What, like 35 days of triple digit heat? 

I have taken serious measures to keep cool….four to be exact…

After we lost one of our 50 year old Pecan trees in the backyard, the back of the house was left without afternoon shade.  Not a big deal until it’s over ONE HUNDRED DEGREES outside, and the tile is so hot we have to wear shoes to walk through the kitchen! I put up tin foil the first year, foam core board the next. While the light was being blocked the heat was still keeping the kitchen too hot to make anything besides popsicles for dinner.



The Hubbers put up shutters with functional strap hinges and lag mount shutter dogs to hold them open!

Yay Hubbers!  Theres’s even a latch that keeps them closed if even one little breeze pops up.  As if.

 Almost every house on my street has decorative shutters on the front windows. But I bet we’re the only ones that have functional shutters in the back. Thank you Honey.

When closed, the room gets really dark and cools immediately. No more cooking eggs on the tile floor for us….back to the concrete.

There are many options for shutter hardware.  In Dallas, Elliot’s is a good place to start.

Shutter Hinges and Mounting Hardware from Acorn Manufacturing

Saves energy, saves money, keeps Mom happy, kitchen floor stays clean

It’s a win win!


Another way to keep the kitchen cooool

(on the days you’re serving Loaded Baked Potatoes for dinner)

My daughter is already training with her cross country team so I’ve

pumped up the carbs at dinner.

She’s a vegetarian and tries to stay away from junk food, so I’m always looking for anything that’s not

made from white flour.

Obviously baked potatoes are a great choice except my oven heats the entire west wing of the house, and since it’s hot

enough, I thought using the Crock Pot was fairly clever.

Not. It still heated up the corner of the kitchen enough to make me

walk it right out to the garage and plug it in.



Pierce with fork. Wrap in foil. Cook on high at least six hours….in the garage or on the porch!

Clever huh?!

It’s just that our water bill is going to be so  R I D I C U L O U S  that I’m doing RIDICULOUS

things to keep the electricity bill under control. 


And let’s not forget the lovely clothesline, I mean orange extension cord. Maybe it’s just my dryer,

but the entire pantry turns into an oven.  And why use electricity for heat when there’s plenty of hot air right outside?



But then again, this may just be easier for beating the heat….

‘Fresh as a Daisy’

In your Mixology Jar with a tight lid, add 2 oz bourbon, 1 oz lemon juice, 1 tsp sugar and shake, shake, shake  (your booty).  Fill jar with ice and shake again. Top with fresh oj.  Garnish and add a dash of maraschino juice (or a few dashes of grenadine).

Stay Cool You Guys!!!!






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2 responses to “Drastic heat calls for drastic measures….and bourbon

  1. Amen sister! Do what you gotta do. I am SO over this heat. I have a recipe for ‘Bourbon Slush’ that is similar, with a few tweeks. You have inspired me to find it, and bring on the bourbon!

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