Go OuT FoR AdVenTuRe, CoMe hOmE 4 LuV

It happened again.

I was in a shop I probably should not’ve been in.

I knew better.  I went in anyway.

And oh my goodness- this is where the gypsies shop!

(the rich gypsies-like you know, cosmetic surgeon by day, gypsy by night)

Here’s the shop….yes i actually took pictures




neeeeed this gnome pillow

 I came across the most whismsical-junky-funky-gotta-have-it-kitchy-mirror!

(sorry about the photo..back light issue and an iphone….what’re you gonna do)


  Actually, I’ve seen this mirror before on the Junk Gypsy blog  http://www.gypsyville.com/store/store.asp?nProductId=22056   a long while ago and saved it in my Favorites, but to see it in person…It’s sooo whacky….I love it!

The blog and the brick and mortar are not affiliated.

 I can’t find out the name of the artist or I’d freely give credit.  If you know, please send me some info.

But anyhow, you know how the rest of this story goes..

Girl sees mirror, girl dreams of mirror for months, girl happens into store and it crosses her path yet again, FATE!,

but oh the price, $895. (!!!!- dang surgeon-gypsies)

What’s a poor girl to do?



 That’s what! Even if I had $895 to blow, do you really think I’d spend it on a mirror with bottle caps on it?

Heck no!  I’d go straight to my thrift stores and round up more upcycle opportunities!


The $895 version had Shiner bottle caps and a fraternal lodge fabric thingy.  Mine was going to be adorned with slices of wine corks since it’s a little more apropos, but then I just went with simple dots and Lite Brite pegs.  I may add more dots later, or paint the heart topper in the future. For now it is complete in all it’s quirkiness. 





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2 responses to “Go OuT FoR AdVenTuRe, CoMe hOmE 4 LuV

  1. Dora

    Brilllliant of course! Now why don’t you sell yours for $695.
    I think you should open a boutique with all your creations, inspired abroad adventures or your own at home with love-ha!

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