Thank yous, sun face, mission trip, one deformed foot, and possibly earwax

I’ve been a little overwhelmed from the support y’all have shown me because of  this silly blog. I never expected it.

Thank you!!!!!

I’ve been asked where my blavatar and header’s sun face came from.

mission trip

I painted it! She needs to lay off the smokey eye shadow huh? Or at least a nude lip.

When I first created this blog the header was a really cool shot of orange roses with a blacked out background. But it was too dark and the sidebar was grey, and all of it was kind of gloomy.

 So I rebuilt it from pix of journal pages, a flower’s profile with a big fat fly, The Great Western Divide, and dawn.

 But back to the sun face.  She’s pasted into an art journal page that I did at the beginning of the summer while my kids were away on a mission trip in NOLA. While there, they repainted houses and beautified the homes of the residents trying to make the best of a depressing situation (still).    As mission trips go, they not only left behind beauty and hope and love …they brought some back. They prayed that they would bring a sense of renewal and new beginnings to the residents…God blessed them twice….because they returned with a renewal of themselves.

Perfect material for my art journal!

The page has butterflies and fleur de lis (which for me is Father, Son and Holy Spirit), stamps that kind of look like NOLA’s  ‘iron lace’, jazzy sheet music, and the sun because it’s summer. 

“Sympathy is no substitute for action.”   -Livingstone

Below is the page before it. Before the teen youth group left, our Pastor washed their feet. It’s a quick sketchy watercolor.

foot in water

At first it was a deformed foot in holy water, but after i slipped the sun in, it became a huge deformed foot in the ocean.

Much better

Well, this was a weird post. I feel at this rate I should cover the two types of genetically determined earwax with you.

Maybe take a poll.

Anyway, thank you again!!!!


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