Go ahead, make fun of me.


I know i know i know.  You think I’m ridiculous. An over achiever. Too Martha Stewarty. Maybe. But here’s the deal- just hear me out a second.  As a mom and wife, and to show my love I cook, I clean, I remove ticks, pop pimples, make midnight runs for chocolate, poster board, and Kaopectate. Nothing spectacular.  Do they notice or know that it’s only because i love them? Not really. I’m okay with that.

 But sometimes I want to spell it out for them just to make sure….Wheel of Fortune style baby!   I have to do something they’ll remember….an obvious take away. Nothing more obvious than a lovely stacks of I Heart Yous!

 Perfect for the lazy Mother. No sewing, icing, or driving involved.  Just a few simple items, and I’m good for at least a week.

Recipe for “Lazy Love Yous”:  Bisquick+cinnamon, mash the lumps out with a fork,  funnel it into a squirt bottle with a wide opening, ‘write’ on a hot griddle, avoid cursive….too easy.

Next week, for the hubbers I’ll serve up




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4 responses to “Go ahead, make fun of me.

  1. hello!!

    wow! great idea! thanks for sharing! 🙂

    -debi intha
    spread the love…

  2. Dora

    Genuinely the sweetest thing since if you give a pig a pancake

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