I ♥ Pinterest…. a little too much

So a few posts back I mentioned Pinterest. You may have noticed the new button on my sidebar over >there>.

 I am officially addicted to this exciting new site!  However; it can be a big time suck so one must limit it to a single coffee break per day..one cup of coffee…a really big cup of coffee…

If you are a photographer this would be a fabulous way to be discovered, get new business, or show existing clients your portfolio.  If you’re planning a wedding with girlfriends all over the world, this would be a great way to share ideas. If you need great gift or decorating ideas, this is a great place to start.

It’s not REALLY a waste of time unless you just flip through it like you would a magazine, which I totally do.  But there are NO ads and it’s FREE!

I’m sorry to do this, really.  It’s like drugs. You know the guy your Mom warned you about? The guy that wants to get you hooked so he has someone to get high with?  That’s me.  So Sorry!

You ask, ‘but what is it FOR exactly?’ Check this out… http://pinterest.com/about/

Screenshot of random pin boards

Pinterest was quietly launched in March 2010 with the help of a few ‘tastemakers’, great photographers, designers, bloggers etc.

Pasted below is part of an article from the fabulous blog,  A Blissful Nest,   http://www.ablissfulnest.com/2011/06/pinterest-la-meet-up.html

June 27, 2011: “Then it was time to meet the brains behind the scenes. Lucky for us we got there early and were able to meet Ben. Ben is one of the co-founders and every time you get one of those fun emails letting you know someone is following you or someone has repinned something of yours he is the one telling you! Behind the scenes fun fact is that Ben and his partner had started another site that ended up not working out. But there was one thing they stumbled on that was the foundation of Pinterest. They were creating these boards (fashion directed) and people loved them. They knew they were on to something and especially for the creative minds out there to collect images in a online organized way. Little did they know people like me would use them as an online portfolio and to visually show clients ideas for their own projects. I don’t know about you but I have had binders for years (for each room of the house) stuffed full of magazine clippings. With Pinterest they can be organized in the same way and also link to their origins. Brilliant!”

Here’s an interesting article, Myspace accused of Ripping Off Stealth Startup Pinterest, http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/27/myspace-pinterest/

And it’s not all cupcakes and couches. Go there and search silver hair, running, cancer, Pitt, science, how to bind a book, pink and orange, Italy, Taos, photography, kids crafts, vegetarian, bassets, bunnies, organic.

Amazing isn’t it?

 I had to download Google Chrome to surf it faster. Now it never re-re-reloads.

Have fun and remember, ONE coffee break. ONE!



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2 responses to “I ♥ Pinterest…. a little too much

  1. Thank you so much for the sweet mention!

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