Field Trip!!!!

So my daughter and I went to one of our favorite little shops and brought back pictures to share!  This is the weirdest curiosity/antique shop we’ve ever seen, and it has EVERYTHING a curiosity shop should. A few years ago we bought a 12″  blowfish for her favorite science teacher who hung it from his classroom ceiling. Curiosity shops have great gifts….for the right person.

Need a dead fox? How about a shrunken head? A carousel horse? Vintage circus posters?

I know! An old Brownie Camera.

You’ll come across toys that you used to play with and kitchen gadgets your grandma had. You can hear across the isles, “look!  I haven’t seen one of these in years!”

and the perfect music for your listening pleasure while we go on our
 freaky little field trip…
Here we go!!!……

You'd think this would be's just creepy.

Step Right Up Folks! Have we got oddities galore!

What the?

That’s it kids. Wasn’t that cool?

Way more fun than shopping for toasters and towels.  You were very well behaved so maybe next time we’ll go see where the gypsies shop!


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