Who comes up with this stuff?!


Do you ever visit http://pinterest.com/  We do! It’s like flipping through stacks of free magazines without the ads! Even downloaded Google Chrome so it wasn’t so choppy when we surf around.

Pinterest can either inspire creativity, create outfit envy, travel envy,….. or make you fat.

I LURVE me some Pinterest. See, I  have folders of magazine tearouts of stuff I’d like to either bake, make, or decorate.

Pinterest is like a digital bulletin board of stuff found online! It saves ink as you don’t have to print out pictures of all the great ideas you find and store the url.  It is by invite only.  If you don’t have an invite to go make your own Pinterest boards, you can visit other people’s and check out what they’re into. Neat concept. Unless you’re on a diet…and have no will power.

It’s not that I’m on a diet, I LOVE to eat well…you don’t have to twist my arm to choose fresh, organic fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds,  local cheeses and eggs.

HOWEVER; when I go off the rails, it usually affects the richter scales.

For example…Funyuns. Hate to admit it, but we all have that one little disgusting habit.  Funyuns are only good on road trips, so I’m safe most of the year.

And who can forget the Awesome Blossom…God rest its sweet little greasy soul.

Snuffer’s Cheese Fries.  Need I say more? With that crack cocaine ranch dressing you get to dip into!!!! ADDICTING but only after Nick’s marathon….once a year (or maybe twice…shhh)

ANYWAY, about those Oreos and two different batters featured in the lovely photo above…..found on Pinterest….Who comes up with stuff!?  My daughter made a batch. I’ll consider her punishment at a later date.

They were SO GOOD. If you make them you will need a big glass of ice water and possibly a tongue scraper, they are THAT rich. One 9×13 pan makes 12-24, depending on how you cut them obviously.  I recommend you cut them into 1 inch by 1 inch squares, keep 4 and give away the rest.


More images from  Pinterest….


Fill with fruit? Ice cream?







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