Summer sightings!

I spy with my little eye…

crazy daisies!

Scorching heat and Shastas all in the same day

Wilted roses. Like southern belles,

pretty as a picture no matter

the weather.

A burst of sunshine…

actually three shrubs of them.

snap! crackle! pop!


Blackfoot Daisies.

My feet get a little gross in summer too

It’s the lure of the cold cold grass in the morning.

 Show offs!

(Not bad for 102 degrees)



Filed under Nature, out in the yard

4 responses to “Summer sightings!

  1. JD

    Glad to know my Summer feet aren’t alone!
    Love Summer flowers! It is amazing how some of them shrivel up at the end of the day and are just as beautiful as ever the next morning!

  2. marianne womble

    The ‘Garden Faces’ are beautiful! Only my cannas are tried and true in this 102.

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