a few of my favorite things

Every girl needs a little pretty in her life. Something that doesn’t need water and will survive all seasons.  Something that is there first thing in the morning and the last thing she sees at night.  A token of love… A photograph maybe? Shells from her honeymoon?

First Thing in the Morning

The stained glass window was a gift from my hubbie. It hangs in our bedroom window and gives me a little peace everyday. The window box outside is filled with beautiful shells…that don’t need water. The glass (of the house’s window) is hazy and oxidized or something, so the stained glass window blocks the ugly with its beautiful color and texture. While we’ve worked hard in the back yard and the view would otherwise be fantastic, the haze is hard to see through.  So I forget about seeing out and just be happy with the light coming in.

Antique Lantern

And when the sun isn’t shining, I have the most beautiful ‘antique’ chinese lantern that hangs opposite of the window!   It was a milestone birthday gift from my son. He bought it from the weirdest curiosity shop and who knows where they got it from. I like to think it was hanging outside of an ancient temple in Beijing – 1200AD.  But it probably came from a manufacturer in Toledo circa 1968.  The paper is TISSUE thin, very delicate, and torn is a few places which only adds to its delicious texture and patina.



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2 responses to “a few of my favorite things

  1. JD

    Suggestion for the stained glass oxidation….. Can’t remember what it’s called at the moment, but there is stuff sold that will remove oxidation from the headlights on a car. I have seen it demonstrated and it worked very well. The headlights were clear and made a brighter light after this stuff was wiped on. You could see the lens clear up immediately upon the application.
    It just wiped away the cloudiness with a soft cloth.

  2. I saw that last night! It didn’t occur to me to use it on the window. Brilliant! Thanx “JD” and thanks for visiting me here.

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