my latest kick

Lovely Goodness Taco

‘Lovely Goodness Taco’.  A perfect blend of a few of my favorite flavors…. Sweet Potato and feta.  Simple and easy.

First, you have to know that I have a weird habit of randomly buying a single sweet potato when I’m shopping for the weekly groceries.  I’ll throw it in the toaster oven at 400 for an hour when i get home just to have one ready for salads, sandwiches, and Lovely Goodness Taco snacks. I prefer them chilled over hot with butter or roasted with herbs….which is good to know if you every have me over for dinner….I’m just sayin’.

Down the center of a 10 inch flour tortilla;  add a swipe of ‘mayo’, mush on a couple tablespoons of baked, chilled sweet potato, 4 strips of red bell pepper, 8 bits of diced red onion, and top with feta. Mmmmm. I bet it would be just as good  slightly warmed on a little corn tortilla!

Mmmm. Just my size

What’s your favorite quick snack?


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