I just get obsessed….

the weaver girl

…when I see things. What is that?  I’m like, I HAVE TO HAVE IT! How can my life go on without it?  I found this beautiful ship,’The Weaver Girl’ on annwoodhandmade.com months ago and fell madly in love. Her papier mache and fabric boats and ships are amazing. Unfortunately (for me), this baby is $560. Cue the awwws. Poor me.  Just don’t have an extra $560 for paper ships. So, lucky me – I have ingenuity and a tad of go-get-em-ness, and after the initial wave of obsession ebbed and i could concentrate I made my own….

Hull's bones

 Wires, wooden dowels, masking tape, my magic soldering wand, burns on my fingers, cardboard, newspaper, and glue. Certainly not expensive materials.  I treated my own burns and avoided the E.R. bill (j/j) so this little obsession didn’t break the bank! AND I can sleep again. yeah me! You think I’m kidding about the sleep don’t you? I’m not. I make an incredible mess for days with projects like this. I make cereal for dinner and forget to feed the dogs.  The fam completely gets it though. They are a forgiving bunch. My husband has the same sort of issues when it come to golf  balls flying over fairways….losing sleep that is. 

The dowels are secure so the  sails and masts can’t tip around. The hull’s paper mache skin pulls in and creates a mystical look and the tip of the bow and stern curl over.  I’ve added a rudder and tattered wings so she can navigate the starry starry night’s midnight winds of course.

Maiden Voyage

Get the champagne she’s ready for launch.  The sails are panels from a cotton sundress and the ‘ropes’ are kitchen twine.

Nice day for a sail

It is a lanky 36 inches tall and 20 inches bow curl to stern curl. Not sure what to do with it now….. oooh is that a map lamp I see?…I could make that!  Where would I ever put it? I’ll figure that out later…



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