old tin lozenge + baubles = art journal page of course

So my darling girlfriend, Tracy, was just weeks away from selling this sweet old lozenge tin in her garage sale! Can you even believe it!? She was so close to letting this beauty slip away. My darling let me have it for FREE  (I would’ve paid the dollar I hope you know- but she insisted). She also has a Super 8 camera just lying in her garage… I didn’t have the nerve to even ask. Hopefully, her creative daughter will hear it calling her name and rescue it.  Anyway…. after days of deliberation, dreams, sketches, run-throughs and rehearsals, (j/j)  I came up with this little altar. Makes me think of Little Altars Everywhere. The topper is a broken bit from the top of an antique perfume bottle…my mother’s, sorry mom. The background started with black tissue paper and ended with turqouise oil pastels mushed into the corners, little vintage millinery flowers, “Egyptian” beetles from a broken necklace, and baubles…shell, key, beads etc. happyhappyjoyjoy!


I love any and all types of journal pages/mediums. Glossy magazine collages, watercolors, crayons, pastels, even drywall plaster and Great Stuff….but I especially love the ones with moving parts or functioning bits.  I’ll use mini brads to make sure angel’s wings can get their flap on! The best part about a tin box in your journal?…..it adds to the book’s overall thick yumminess 

your basic stack of crunchy-waxy-tattered art journal pages


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